Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Definitely not Chic

The blogger who posted it went on and on about this gem--how well lined each pocket is, how easy it is to clasp on and wear, how it makes every craft project easier and, most of all, how remarkably beautiful it is.


Maybe to my grandmother. If Grandma was a stripper who got paid with singles tucked into her apron.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Those Poor Chairs

One fairly easy project to take on is refurbishing a chair found at a yard sale or thrift shop. These chairs are beaten, chipped, stained and, best of all, cheap.

When looking for a chair to redo, it's important to start with a chair that isn't ugly. Whoever chose this chair failed. No matter what you do to the paint and fabric, there is no hope here.
post 2

This one is a bit plain, but could have a lot of potential. And there are two of them, which gives the option of a mismatched set or an identical pair.
post 2

This chair has an interesting structure to it. The curve of the arms is visually interesting, the width of the seat looks cozy.
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The next important thing is choosing a color that doesn't make small children cry. If Pepto-Bismol is spilled all over your chairs, don't take the time to 'fatigue it'--simply wipe it off and try again.
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Try to spray paint in an even pattern. It helps if you don't first huff the paint.
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Remember how I talked about having a pair of chairs gives you the chance to cutely mis-match them a bit? This isn't what I was talking about.
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While I am thankful that the predator of this chair refrained from adding zebra prints to make it worse, this is not a style one should aim for.
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Your fabric should go with the color of the frame and, if you choose a pattern, be visually appealing. Who wouldn't want to snuggle up in this chair with a book?

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I do not claim to be a style guru by any stretch of the imagination. I have mom hair, mom jeans and drive a mom van. If there is one thing I can rock, though, it is home decorating. I have taken our tiny and bland little house and turned it into a well-designed one-of-a-kind.

As I look out into the cyberworld, I see blog after blog of people trying to spruce up their space with admirable yet failed efforts. I hope to use this venue to share with you the best of the best and some of the rest.